Hybrid Cars

Is There One In YOUR Future?

Hybrid Cars!  Man! Is that a HOT topic right now!  There are some good reasons why hybrids are so hot.  If you’ve pulled your present car or SUV or truck up next to a gas pump and inserted the nozzle, you know exactly what I mean!

I have written this book to give you some basic information on some things you may have been wondering about.

I’m sure, if you’ve even thought about a hybrid car, you’ve probably asked yourself the following questions: Just What IS A Hybrid Car? Why Should I Be Interested In Hybrid Cars? Is A Hybrid Car For Me? How Does A Hybrid Car Work? Do I Have To Drive Differently? Do They REALLY Save Gas? How Can I Get The Best Gas Mileage? What’s The Future For Hybrid Cars?

I’ve answered all of those questions and more in this great little book. It isn’t a technical manual. By any means. This book is meant to answer your general questions, give you a general overview of hybrid cars and prepare you to decide if you want to explore them further.

Some people think that hybrid cars can make a HUGE difference in our world, while others think they’re just a passing trend.  This book will help you sort out how you feel and what to do next, if you like what you read. Enjoy, learn a little, and get to know all about hybrid cars!


John Rogers discusses the truth about hybrid cars. In his book, he covers the information in the following chapters:

  • Introduction 
  • Just What IS A Hybrid Car? 
  • Is A Hybrid Car For Me? 
  • So, Do I Have To Drive Differently? 
  • Do They REALLY Save Gas? 
  • How Can I Get The Best Gas Mileage? 
  • What’s The Future For Hybrid Cars? 
  • Wrapping It All Up
  • Other Resources You May Want To Explore

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The Whole Truth about Hybrid cars is delivered in PDF format and is viewable on any computer. All you need is Adobe Reader which is available free and already installed on most computers.