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Are you sick and tired of the increasing cost of living in a dying world? Then...

Discover If Solar Power and Wind Turbines Can Really Save You 80% On Your Energy Bills...Or If This Is Just Another Eco Warrior's Dream...

Earth 4 Energy is a digitally downloadable guide that promises to save you up to 80% on your energy bills by allowing you to become self sufficient on solar and wind energy. But doesn't that cost money and isn't it difficult to set up? We're about to find out the truth about a new craze in off grid living...

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I t's no secret that the cost of living is on the increase. We're all feeling the pinch of the economic downturn and we are all fully aware that the way we source our consumable goods is becoming more and more sparse as the years go by.

This can only mean one thing...

...either decide to make the changes today for a cheaper cost of living tomorrow, or continue to rely on expensive and downright damaging resources to fuel our cars, our homes and our lives in general.

Going green is becoming more and more popular and accessible to millions of people worldwide. As more people understand what living green really means and how it can be done right now, the more years we add to our planet's lifespan and the safer and more cost effective our children's lives will be.

The problem remains for many people that going green costs a lot of money initially, and in some cases that is correct.

For example, we have to switch our cars over, inspect and modify our homes for maximum energy preservation, buy eco friendly materials...and then there's the holy grail of eco friendly living:

Wind and solar energy.

It's being used all over the world and saving millions of people billions of dollars worth in would-be energy costs for their homes. But many people cannot afford to spend $3000 or more on solar panels or wind turbines.

So does that mean that people who cannot afford fancy solar and wind powered energy generators will have to remain partly responsible for the continued damaging of the environment, whilst having to pay a hefty cost for the privilege? I hope not, do you?

Even if you can afford to buy solar panels, they are equally expensive and complicated to install...so there's also those additional service charges to consider too.

So at this rate, it seems like we are destined to a life of paying way too much for our energy that will ultimately run out one day anyway...not in our lifetime but certainly in our children's futures...

...so with this in mind, we felt it was high time to go out and find a way to get around the set backs of becoming self sufficient eco friendly home owners, whilst setting ourselves up for much cheaper costs of living in the process...(a pretty good deal if you ask us).

Sure, there are plenty of ways to save the planet and your wallet (such as greener cars, eco friendly products and more efficient fuel usage) but nothing beats not having to pay the energy bills that come with a modern household, so let us introduce a possible solution that may just be able to deliver such a promise...

Earth 4 Energy Review

We decided to take a closer look at an internet guide to creating your own solar and wind based energy systems at home. The system in question has been featured on various media channels around the world and has been picking up a lot of press recently, so we figured that there must be something significant about it.

The appeal is pretty obvious in that we wanted to find out if it was possible to install a fully functional renewable energy source (powered by wind or solar) in order to save us hundreds in rising energy bills whilst doing "our bit" for the planet...but WITHOUT the astronomical costs of usual solar/wind power installations.

We've been through the Earth 4 Energy system and we've looked at the pros and cons, whether the plans and videos were as good as they said on the main sales page and how easy they were to follow.

We hope you enjoy this review and that you are able to see whether Earth 4 Energy is a product that is worth your time and money when it comes to saving the environment and your ever increasing energy bills...


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From The Desk of:
Earth 4 Energy
Review Date:
Wednesday 24th of January 2018

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Chapter 1: Before You Start
Chapter 2: How Solar Power Works
Chapter 3: Build Your Own Solar Generator
Chapter 4: Build Your Own Solar Panels
Chapter 5: How Wind Power Works
Chapter 6: Buying a Wind Turbine
Chapter 7: Building Your Own Wind Generator
Chapter 8: Wiring Combinations
Chapter 9: How much power do YOU need to make?
Chapter 10: Reduce Your Oil Dependence
Chapter 11: The Self-Powered Home Of Today
Chapter 12: Renewable Energy on a Larger Scale
Chapter 13: Ethanol as a Viable Energy Source
Chapter 14: Hydro-electricity
Chapter 15: What's Really Holding Us Back
Chapter 16: Energy In The Future
Chapter 17: Learn More with Workshops
Chapter 18: Final Thoughts
Chapter 19: Extra Resources

- INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS (shows how to tab and string the solar cells together)
- Discount on related energy saving product for vehicles
- Bonus biodiesel eBook guide
- Quick access to parts required

A1 Promotions Online Online Presents...


Essentially, the idea of this guide is pretty simple in that it shows you how to build your own solar/wind powered generator via various different set ups depending on your needs and situation. The appeal is that the guide will show you how to source the parts for cheap and how it all works technically speaking, along with actually step by step plans to build, assemble and install the systems in your own home.

There are basically 4 different blueprints to follow, depending on what you want to do and what suits your situation...

  • Portable
  • Grid intertwined
  • Grid intertwined with battery backup
  • Off grid solar power

    Don't worry, I know from an outsider's view this sounds a little complicated or technical to some readers, but I can assure you it's not at all once you actually see how simple the systems are.

    Plus, as you begin to read through the guide you will see how all the various elements work within each system and how the parts act together...which helps you to get a clear picture of how it all works before you begin.

    There are also sections on getting the cheapest possible parts and a nifty tip on finding free solar panels for your solar generator system which we wouldn't have thought about before.

    If you choose the wind turbine system option instead, then the same advice applies and you're shown how to create or buy your own turbines.

    There are also further chapters on how much power you need to make, how to save even more energy in the home, how to find and use other types of energy sources and more info on the bigger picture of our environment.


    A1 Promotions Online Presents...


    The first thing that struck us was how well laid out and easy to follow the main guide was.

    There is quite an extensive section that is placed at the beginning of the guide on saving energy, which is a nice touch as saving energy is always important even when it's free energy!

    There's also a nice amount of imagery and clear diagrams that really help to put the guide into a practical feel and go a long way to explaining what to do. This is of course, pretty crucial as we're already starting to see that the guide is going to be quite mechanically orientated and for the more practical of people.

    So whilst there are lots of easy to read diagrams and the technical jargon seems to be cut right down to a minimum, there is indeed a sense that only people with some DIY background and at least a small amount of practical ability will be best suited to this product.

    Aside from the main guide, there is also a wealth of extra bonus information and resources that can help in other areas. We appreciated the biodiesel guide as there is a lot of money to be saved from the use of biodiesel...plus the resources made the entire guide easier to make use of from day one.

    The extra videos were an extremely useful addition when it came to building the solar panels, but we couldn't help feeling that more videos would have been useful for other parts of the guide.


    A1 Promotions Online Presents...


    The first thing to mention is that as we all know, renewable energy is not a myth and solar panels/wind turbines have been providing alternative energy sources for many years.

    The big question is, can a simple guide found online allow you to build your own...that actually produces enough energy and works consistently?

    Well, firstly you should know that after reading this guide I can tell you that a more hands on, technically minded person is going to be able to benefit more quickly and effectively than someone who has no experience in DIY at all.

    Sure, there are diagrams and the guide reads well...but there could be more diagrams for some parts and there certainly could be more videos to show some aspects of putting the parts together after you've made them.

    It's tempting to opt for the premade solar panels and wind turbine blades, but if you're able to go the full DIY route then you'll benefit the most from the additional cost savings.

    Ultimately with these points in mind, the important fact for you to know is that YES, the systems do work and are fully capable of producing enough energy for any home...

    ...and if you take the time to search for parts that are cheap enough, it is very possible to get all of the equipment for under $200 as stated on the website.

    We found that it was much easier to create the solar panel based systems and even though we struggled to keep the cells together at first, we managed to apply a little more care and elbow grease to the linking and we found that the panels ended up sticking together like glue...it's just a case of practice if you're totally new to this sort of thing.

    The wind turbine systems were easy enough to assemble, but we found that the blades for the turbine were tricky to fixate to the main system.

    With all said and done, the generators were producing energy within hours of assembly and the batteries recommended work like a charm for channelling the power to the loads in our house...the white goods and TVs use up a lot of the energy stored but there's been no drop outs or problems as yet.


    A1 Promotions Online Presents...


    This is a great guide for people who want more money and want to feel good about doing something for other people at the same time. Basically, anyone who cares enough about their environment and their own (and their children's) futures.

    If you're one of these people and you're sick and tired of paying most of your wages out in energy bills, then this might just be your golden ticket.

    There is a great feeling of self pride and satisfaction from becoming self sufficient, helping save the environment and ultimately doing something practical, fun and actually quite rewarding at the same time.


    A1 Promotions Online Presents...


    One thing that niggled us from this guide was that although there is a nice, clean layout to this guide, there could have been a lot more diagrams and images to support the steps described. Sure, the diagrams that are included in the guide are definitely clear and high quality, but there are just not enough of them!

    You could get by without them we feel, but there would be no harm in including more for the visual types of learners.

    The other thing that we were not too sure about was whether doing it all for under $200 is possible. The website makes such claims but we felt that in order to really hit that mark you would have to still tale the time to find the best deals...so whilst not impossible, certainly not a guarantee.

    Finally, the creation of your own solar panels and wind turbines was quite technical and we felt that it was a little tricky to do from scratch at first (but the tip on finding cheap/free solar panels made up for this!). I can imagine that some people would not get off the starting block, particularly if they have no experience in DIY skills and have little inclination to do some practical work.

    Whilst that sounds like an obvious statement, there will likely be a few people who buy this guide who have no intention or ability to apply the steps, so this is worth mentioning to the "less initiated".


    A1 Promotions Online Presents...


    It's easy to see the real value here. The measly price of the guide and the equipment you'll need is peanuts in comparison to your savings over time. In fact, based on the performance of our single wind turbine and solar panel on the side wall, we're sure that the initial investment will be paying us back within 1-2 months maximum, and that's being extremely conservative.

    The other great thing about this guide is that it is very easy to follow. Some information out there reads like it has been sent directly from NASA, but this guide flows well, has been carefully thought out in terms of what info takes priority and the clear and professional diagrams make excellent visualization of what you are supposed to be doing (even though there could be more!)

    Whilst a little DIY experience and a practical skill set is going to serve you well for taking action with this guide, the fact is that you don't really need to be a world leading engineer to get started...which makes this more accessible for the masses, clearly what the owners of the guide are aiming for.

    With lots of good resources, extra energy saving tips and explanations make the whole process fun, fairly easy, educational and cost effective...with tons of long term financial, environmental and personal benefits to be had too.


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    View The Official Site Here

    Earth 4 Energy
    Product Highlights

    Ease Of Use

    7 /10

    Quality Of Info

    9 /10

    Value For Money

    9.5 /10

    Click Here To Visit The Official Site

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    Checkout Earth 4 Energy Here

    My Overall Rating:
    8 /10
    Quality Of Content
    Easy To Use
    Value For Money
    60 Day Money Back Guarantee


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    From The Desk of:
    Earth 4 Energy
    Review Date:
    Wednesday 24th of January 2018

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